Dentistry for Anxious Patients

Through the modern miracles of sedation dentistry, dentists can now safely treat anxious patients and often accomplish dental work in fewer visits. Our office offers Oral Sedation. Our staff is known to make the patient feel comfortable with our office. From the moment you call us, our goal is to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere for you.

How does Oral Sedation work?

For dental treatment under oral sedation, you will take a small sedative pill an hour before you come to the office. This will help you feel relaxed and sleepy and by the time you arrive, you will be very drowsy. It is necessary to have a responsible adult accompany you to the office. During your dental treatment, a trained assistant will be with you monitoring vital signs. Our doctor and our experienced team will perform all necessary dental work and though you are in a deeply relaxed state, you will be responsive to any questions or requests. When the procedures are complete, you will be gently awakened and will have no memory of your treatment.

Don’t let anxiety and fears come in the way of your dental care!

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